The task chair that helps you to
live in a more healthy way


세계적으로 유명한 스페인 사무용 가구 전문 회사 Forma 5와

독일의 유명디자인 그룹 Ito Design과의 공동 작업으로

인체의 자연스러운 움직임을 수반하는 오피스 의자 인 3.60을 개발했으며 사용자는 근육과 무릎의 사용을 늘림으로써 안정성을 유지하게 합니다.

3.60 작업 의자는 인체 공학의 인간 공학, 물리학 및 기구학, 특히 업무를 위한 자세 개발을 연구하여 설계되었습니다.


 이 중요한 혁신은 생체 역학 분석 보건 센터에서 조사되었으며,

과학적 근거를 바탕으로 사용자에게 더 큰 위안과 건강을 보장한다는 인증을 받았습니다.


"더 건강한 생활을 가능하게 하는

포르마5 3.60 의자" 

360º Dynamic balancing movement

3.60 task chair has been designed specifically with the selection of the materials, the industrial production, the transport, the use of the product and its end of life care, with the objective to create a product that is respectful of the environment.



Backrest: 3D Runner mesh or 3D Upholstered runner mesh
Base: Two finishes: black polyamide conical or polished aluminium conical
Backreset support: Two finishes: polished aluminium or lack matt aluminium)
Floor support and casters: double-wheel, soft double-wheel or double-wheel chrome 
4D Arms: height, width, depth and angle adjustment
Accessories: 3D lumbar support and headrest


Forma 5 is a leading company in the field of office furniture and chairs since its inception over 35 years ago.
Inmersed in a market which is constantly changing and with a strong competition, Forma 5 does satisfy a demanding and informed end user.
To reach this objective Forma 5 makes a strong commitment to innovation, as it is the only way to grow and evolve as a company. This company is in a continuous quest to make their products more efficient and comfortable each time.

And the design process focuses on achieving significant improvements involving the difference to the customer.
Ergonomics, visual quality and aesthetics, industrial design, high-quality raw materials and innovative technology are the basis of a process that culminates in a bid to optimize resources in office.


​공식수입판매원 : (주)인터랙티브디자인

ITO Design
The ITO DESIGN studio has been creating trendsetting designs since 1987 in such diverse sectors as office and interior furnishings, telecommunication and electronic systems or medical systems, amongst others. Its designs, which are technically and aesthetically unique, have meant that this prestigious studio from Nuremberg, Germany, has received international recognition with a whole host of well deserved prizes and special mentions from all sectors.
Francesc Rifé
Born in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Francesc Rifé established his own design studio in Barcelona, in 1994, from where he leads national and international projects that range from interior to industrial design, both containing commercial and private prjects. All of them, of course, together with a great team of professionals from different disciplines of design.
Lievore Altherr Molina
The studio Lievore Altherr Molina, formed by Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr and Manel Molina, was born with the union of these three partners in 1991.

It is dedicated to product design, consulting and art management of several companies offering individual solutions to the industry. Known for his furniture designs, developing projects of interior design, packaging designs and product design.
Gabriel Teixido
He began his professional career in 1970 devoted exclusively to product creation. Concerned about the social and business impact of design with an open and easy character like his designs.He has worked with major companies in the sector, mainly lighting and office furniture and in some other fields.

Professor of the EINA 1999/2002 School, Recipient of multiple awards for its history and products made.
From his office in Barcelona, Mario Ruiz designs many different products: furniture, technology, lighting, office and applied graphics.

He has a long and solid multidisciplinary experience due to the nature of his clients: Siemens; Thomson; Citterio (Molteni Group); Grundig; Troll; La Palma; Metalarte, Joquer; HBF USA, Gandia Blasco and B.lux, among others.

His work has been awarded with more than 30 international prizes, several IF awards, Red Dot, Design Plus, Wallpaper Awards 08 and Neocon
Josep Lluscà
Design and product development studio which works on every part of a product, from furnishing and lighting to packaging. The Lluscà Design team adapts its work to the scope of each new project, using the technical resources required to get the best possible results.

Josep Lluscà, founder and director of the studio, has been working in the field of industrial design and product design for over 40 years. His experience and professionalism mean that he is one of the most prestigious designers.
D&D Design
In 1987 Sergi Devesa and Oscar Devesa founded the D&D Design society. They wanted to design new products for national and international companies. D&D Design develops industrial products, makes research studies and creates new environments for exhibitions. They create domestic and installment lighting, furniture and complements, office and public facilities equipment, bathroom and kitchen fittings, packings and packagings.
Tandem Company
A company specialized in strategic creativity. Experts developing business strategies with a creative approach that generates lines of innovation leading tonew products and services.

Founded in 2005, Tandem Company is based in Barcelona and Madrid from where they offer different services like: business strategies development, new innovation lines, product and services development.
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