LINA is young furniture trademark with its vision based on
simple and fine shapes, modularity, multi functionality
and inventive ideas.

Moon Large

"심플한 디자인에 숨어있는 다양한 편안함"

리나 문은 심플하지만 여러방법으로 앉거나 눕거나

낮은 탁자로도 사용이 가능한 다용도 리클라이너 입니다.

일반적인 블록형태이지만 리나의 숨은 확장기능을 사용하시면

리클라이너로 사용이 가능합니다.

두개 이상의 문을 활용하면 더 편한 환경을 만들 수 있으며 손님이 찾아와도

리나로 문으로 편안한 자리를 만들어 드릴 수 있습니다.


패브릭이 오염이 되어도 쉽게  세탁이 가능하기 때문에

위생적이고 청결한 환경을 만들어 드립니다.


LINA MOON은 가정에서도 유치원, 학교, 호텔 라운지, 클럽에서도 완벽한 조화를 이루는

솔루션을 제공합니다.  



Fresh design, joyful colours, creative modularity-that's LINA! Furniture for home, public places, indoors and outdoors.

​공식수입판매원 : (주)인터랙티브디자인

Moon Large
One simple piece of furniture and so many ways to create a seating environment you might need at any moment. An easy chair, sofa, bed or even a rocking chair or a table.
MOON elements are made of foam and upholstered with removable and washable covers available in a rainbow of colours
Pleasant wood and simple but elegant curves distinguish the Easy chaise lounge as an attractive sitting element. Despite minimalistic design the Easy chaise lounge offers a comfortable seat for watching TV, reading a newspaper or resting. However, when we want to take a short nap, we simply push the backrest softly into horizontal position and enjoy.
Ball Modular
Three ball chairs joined together into a circular three seater with the fourth ball on the top as a back rest offer surprisingly comfortable seating and are a welcome addition to any ambience: at home and in public places, indoors and outdoors. THE BALL MODULAR is not adversely affected by rain and dries fast. The covers are obtainable in 36 colours and can be unzipped for removal and cleaned easily
Fat Flat
Fat Flat is designed as a coffee table or as an indispensable occasional seat. It is made of pleasant wood that finds expression in classical as well as modern ambience. Soft curves, carefully cut wooden legs and joints completely hidden from view make Fat Flat an elegant but impressive piece of furniture that complements any interior.
Moon Kids
Multi purpose Moon Small elements attract children of all ages with their playful colours and two simple shapes that trigger their imagination to build their own playground: private corners, tunnels, swings, simple seats or extra places to rest. Made of soft and comfortable foam, and with no sharp edges, the Moon Small elements are always welcome at home, in children‘s rooms, playrooms, schools, kindergartens, on the terraces, beaches or in the gardens.

주식회사 인터랙티브디자인

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