A lot has changed since 1928. But not what matters most.

Since Nightingale was founded in 1928, we’ve seen many changes in the design and function of seating—but our commitment to innovation, comfort and quality has never wavered.

Our history of innovation is evident in the superior quality of our seating products—many of which are patented or design registered—and in the testimonials and awards that we have garnered over the years. It’s evident in initiatives like our on-site Innovation Lab, where we continuously strive to improve the performance of our chairs, and in our ISO 9001:2008 certification, which recognizes our dedication to producing the best products we can. It’s evident in our sustainable approach, which has led to our products earning stringent GREENGUARD® Gold certification.

And we back up the reliability of our products with exceptional service, ensuring that the customer’s relationship with Nightingale remains strong at every touchpoint, from specification to manufacturing to delivery to installation. Because if the customer isn’t satisfied, our chairs—and we—don’t have a leg to stand on.

​공식수입판매원 : (주)인터랙티브디자인

IC2 7300D
An intelligent chair, perfectly balanced for an exceptionally smooth ride. Lightweight and elegantly functional in multiple applications, this series sets ergonomic and comfort standards that are second to none.
EC3 Series 335D
The 3 Series blends elegance with function, featuring it’s double needle stitching that provides strength and durability with a dynamic ergonomic back suspension system that’s integrated into the molded back.
CXO 6200D
A refreshingly cool look that will enhance any office environment.
EC5 Series 535D
The EC5 Series is a remarkable, classic chair that turns such a mundane action like sitting into a dream. We looked to high-end luxury goods for inspiration because the initial feeling of unboxing a luxurious product is always breathtaking — no matter how many times you do it. We want to replicate that exact feeling and impression with this chair.
Surgeon Console 1864
Engineered and designed with a patented self-adjusting back and armrest support, this specialized chair provides comfort for prolonged periods of time.
Amalfi 1900
Amalfi combines discerning design with a modern aesthetic to provide both executive and conference seating that enhances any work environment. Experience the comfort of a well-crafted executive chair with the performance you need in a work setting.
Dougie 830
Sporting European flowing curves and built with North American comfort in mind, the Dougie is the perfect piece for collaborative, creative workspaces and common areas.
Rane 901
Rane sets the stage for creative thinking and a more relaxed working environment.
Emily 610
The Emily is a sleek amalgamation of a table and seating product — uniquely designed to be easily converted. The Emily is vibrant, but soft with its rotund silhouette; durable foam to provide excellent comfort and support. Put her in any environment to illuminate and create feeling of spaciousness in a cozy home, office, or studio.

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CXO 6200D

A refreshingly cool look that will enhance any office environment.